4 Ways to Make Your Non-Traditional Elopement Extra Special

LGBTQ couple interlocked hands having a moment together as one bride kisses her partner's hand on the beach of San Francisco during their elopement

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such AMAZING tips! You really can make it totally your day — thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. It really CAN be anything your dream up your day to be! I hope this inspires couples to plan their elopement to be perfectly about them.

Amazing photos! I’m so obsessed with your tones!!

Aww. Thank you! Thank you!

This is such an informative article! So many great ideas and the pictures accompanying them are gorgeous!

Thank you Hector! I really love being able to share information with couples and help guide them through the whole elopement planning journey.

These are such great ideas for couples to consider when planning their elopement. There is so much creativity they can bring to their special day. I love those macaroons very much.

YES!!!!!!!!! There are so many ways to make your elopement unique and special.

omg that little cupcake ferris wheel! so cute. I love all these ideas. Such great inspiration here.

Isn’t the ferris wheel just the cutest? I think it really adds a whimsical feel to everything.

these two are fireeeeee! seriously, that pic of the groom with a big smile omg! also just such great tips, i don’t want people to think an elopement has to be boring at a courthouse with no fun. i want them to have all the pretty things too!

Thank you! I love that groom picture too! Such a genuine moment caught of him just really enjoying everything. And yes!!! Elopements can be so much more than just a quick courthouse event. I want to help couples dream big!

These photos are stunning!! I love how elopements can be broken down into such simple little pieces; so much more digestible for every couple who wants to pursue elopements!

Yes!!!!! Everything can always be simplified! It really is about being intentional with your decision and deciding what is important to you.

These photos are so sweet, and the tips are so helpful!! And that CAKE?! Okkkkk. Ok I’m gonna need that cake!

I am truly a sucker for cakes with fruits on it. This one is so beautiful in a simple understated way. GIVE ME ALL THE CAKE! Haha!

I am 1000% on couples having a centerpiece or statement piece for their occasions! Waterfalls or arches, something that will bring their elopement to LIFE!

Yes!!!!! Definitely all for a statement piece. If there isn’t one, then let’s create one!!!! <3

These photos are beyond amazing my friend. And also, them macaroons are so pretty 🙂

Thank you so much!!! And they really are pretty! So beautiful and delicate!!! I wanted them all!!!!

Elopements are so special thank you for sharing how to make them extra special!!!

Yes! I love how intimate and intentional elopements are. I love being able to share with brides creative ideas that would add value to their experience.

Such great tips in this! Also, the visuals throughout are so beautiful! 🙂

Thank you! Stay tuned! I am hoping to be able to share more great tips for future brides!

These photos are beautiful! So many great ideas for elopements.

Thank you for the compliments! I really wanted to give brides helpful ideas on creative ways to incorporate special touches to their already special day.

These images are beautiful!! I love the ideas you have on how to have all the elements of a traditional wedding and how to incorporate them into your elopement! Great way to bust the myths of what people think most elopements are!

Yes! I feel like we are in a whole new era! Elopements doesn’t have to be a quick blip in your life. It should be a special experience and a celebration that fits every individual couple’s personality.

Who said that bride can’t have a hat? She looks incredible with it! Love that they match with all the deco. You did a stunning work in this stylish elopement!

Thank you so much! Yes! Couples really should be able to do whatever they want for their wedding. It’s THEIR day!

Totally agree, there are so many traditional elements that couples can incorporate into an adventurous elopement!

Yes! So so many different things couples can add to make a couple’s elopement truly their very own special experience.

This session is gorgeous! I love all the little details – those macaroons look delicious! And the advice is right on!

I am such a sucker for macrons! They are just the perfect touch for some elegance.