Becca + Victor Engagement Session – Bodega Bay, CA

My oh my!  I hope that you are enjoying the new site and was so excited to have launched it this week.  It feels like such a relief to finally be able to share it with everyone after months of hard work!  I know I have been mia with sharing my sessions and blogging lately, but I am now ready to get back to sharing!  And boy do I have a lot to share!

First up, these two adorable cuties!  I met Victor through some mutual friends in a local photographer group.  We quickly became friends and I was invited to join Victor and his fiance, Becca, for their engagement session.  When I met Becca, I quickly knew that we would become friends. We just see eye to eye! You know how you can meet someone and just know sometimes?  Well this is her! She just has that personality that you connect with. It is no surprise that Victor fell in love with her. He would be crazy not to.  Victor? Well…I guess he’s ok… haha…I kid! He’s a really sweet guy and just has the biggest heart. Despite his rough exterior he puts on.

Nhat and I joined Becca and Victor in Bodega Bay for their engagement session.  We met up at the very swanky gas station. I know, not classy at ALL, but we all needed a bathroom break after the long drive.  We then headed down to hang out by the beach. The water may have been cold, but these two sure did know how to warm things up. There was some hugging, canoodling, and Victor sweeping Becca off her feet, which she absolutely didn’t mind at all.  They watched the sunset by the cliffs and danced together till daylight was long gone. We ended the night with some tasty food and drinks at a local restaurant and just chatted the night away. What a perfect way to end the night. I got to really see these two just relax and enjoy each other.  Victor and his high energy. He’s always coming up with new ideas while Becca sits back and lets him do his thing. Of course, she grounds him and puts him in his place whenever needed =P They are really an adorable match. Victor! You may act like a toughy, but we all know that you are just a squishy bear.  

Love these two together!  I can’t wait for these two to tie the knot this summer in SF.