Winter Engagement Photoshoot in the Snow – Lake Tahoe Photographer

Couple stands on the Kings Beach dock in the snow during their Lake Tahoe engagement. Liz Koston Photography.

Lake Tahoe Winter Snow engagement couple


Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe

One of the best thing about being a Lake Tahoe photographer is that I get to take photos at some of the most beautiful spots in California and it’s right in my backyard.  I am so excited to share Candace and Paul’s super adorable photoshoot taken at Kings Beach,  located on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  It’s such a beautiful place all year round and there’s always something to do there.

Lake Tahoe had been getting a ton of snow for over a week and it was cold on the day of their photoshoot, but these two sure know how to heat up the place with their sweet snuggles and giggles.  The sun even decided to pop out to play for a bit during their photoshoot.  But serious talk, it really wasn’t that cold.  We were moving around a lot.  At some point, I even had to take off some of my layers because it was so warm!

Date with Candace and Paul

Candace and Paul have been married for 9 years!  Two kids later and they are still this stinking cute together.  If you would like to see some super adorable pictures of them and their family, come check out one of their previous photoshoot.  Hint, it includes a sweet little newborn and their dog, Lucy.

People think photoshoots for couples are reserved for engaged couples or weddings only.  That is not true at all!  I think it’s always a good time to have photos with your other half.  They had a ‘date’ together and got all dolled up for their photoshoot.  Often times, couples don’t get photos like this done besides for their engagement and wedding.  I think it’s such a great way to spice things up and do something different to spend time together.  They had a blast!  And if you know these two, there was definitely A LOT of laughing, jokes, and giggles.

Side note:  I have been getting a lot of inquiries on where this dress is from.  You can find the dress here!  It is my MOST recommended dress to clients and bridesmaids.  I just LOVE it!  Enjoy!

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