Desiree + Scott’s Kauai Couples Session – Kauai, HI Photographer

I met Desiree and Scott through my brother’s coworker.  We had been exchanging emails back and forth for weeks before I made my trip out to Hawaii for our photoshoot.  Desiree was telling me how they had been together for over a decade and were never the type of couple that had professional photos taken.  She had asked for some help with suggestion for wardrobe and I played stylist via text and emails.  I am such a girl, I just love shopping.  Even if it is for others.  It’s just in my nature!  Anyways, I am getting off topic.  Back to these two.

Let me tell you, these two are just the sweetest.  I met them at my hotel at the butt crack of dawn and started off on our adventure.  They went along with all my crazy ideas and were just having the best time of their lives.  It just filled my heart watching them.  I mean, it didn’t matter what we were doing, they were just so happy to be there together.  We walked down to the beach where we took sunrise pictures at Lydgate Park.  I snapped away while these two enjoyed their first sunrise together in who knows how long!  Desiree had promised that she would start enjoying more of them with Scott!  Desi!  I am holding your accountable!

Later on, we went down to the Wailua Waterfall to continue my session with them.  To my surprise, being that they grew up on Kauai, they said they had never been here.  It was great watching their face while they took in the waterfall for the first time and just admiring the beauty.  I had never been to Kauai before and this was my first time.  So when I arrived a day ahead to scout out locations and I immediately new that THIS was it.  It had to be!  Till this day, it is still one of my most loved place.  It’s just so pretty!

Desiree and Scott, I just love photographing the love that you two share.

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