Downtown Davis Engagement Session

The Inspiration for Ariel and Brandon’s Engagement Session

An urban setting may not be the most conventional location for an engagement session, but Ariel and Brandon aren’t the most conventional couple! They first met in Davis, and they live there now, so they wanted their engagement photos to celebrate the town’s role in their relationship. It was definitely the right call; downtown Davis was the perfect backdrop to let their personalities shine in their photos.

The location is special to me, too, because I went to UC Davis. All the places we wandered through during this session were familiar, but at the same time, a lot has changed since I last saw the downtown area. It was wonderful to spend the day there with Ariel and Brandon and see what the town is like today. We visited some places in Davis that are meaningful to them, which gave us the opportunity to recreate some really sweet moments that showcase the unique dynamic they have together.


Engagement Session in Downtown Davis

Despite being a small town, and an unusual choice of location, Davis has a lot to offer. The vibe of an urban setting combined with the fact that Ariel and Brandon really brought their relationship into the session made the day so fun!

It started at Temple Coffee, where they had their second date and where they used to hang out all the time pre-pandemic. We got some coffee and relaxed outside, and having this little pick-me-up in a place that’s special to them really set the tone for the rest of the day.

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After taking some photos and wandering a bit, we ended up at Yolo Berry, which was where they went on their very first date. Some first dates may be awkward, but theirs had the same carefree and adventurous energy that has characterized their whole relationship. They even ended the outing with a big ice cream fight!

The pictures from that recreation of their first date are so cute. You can tell that they were really just excited to spend the day together doing something special. I’m so glad I got to capture what a fun couple they are!


More About the Couple

Ariel and Brandon are definitely dog lovers. In fact, Ariel proposed to Brandon with a collar for their dog! She’s also a vet, and Brandon works in toxicology. I started as a chem major and changed to a bio major, so I was really excited to nerd out with them and talk science for a while. I felt like we could have talked forever, and I’m so looking forward to capturing more of their adventures. They’re so intentional in everything they do; they really know what’s important to them.

They’re going to have an intimate wedding ceremony in Yosemite, in September, which they’ll then share at the reception with the rest of the guests. I know it will have the same exciting and carefree environment as this engagement session, and everyone will be able to see the same fun dynamic between them that I saw when we were in downtown Davis. I can’t wait to go exploring with them again!


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