Hope Valley Winter Adventure Photoshoot

Couples in all black outfits against the snow. dancing lifting in meadow full of snow

Hope Valley

Hope Valley is located just south of Lake Tahoe, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It has these large gorgeous meadows surrounded by mountains and trees, and it’s just breathtaking. And while Hope Valley is beautiful any time of year, nothing compares to seeing the trees and mountains covered in snow. 

Prior to the shoot, I’ll help coordinate everything from the location, date and timing, and what the couple will need for the day of.  I gave Shahnaz and Gowan a list of suggestions for jackets and shoe gear. It was pretty cold, and we’d be spending lots of time outside in the snow! We set up a time and headed down to the first location together. Once they got out of the car and saw the spot, they knew it was perfect! It was exactly what she had envisioned. 

Shahnaz and Gowan

Shahnaz and Gowan reached out to me after seeing my photoshoot with the black wedding dress. Inspired by my blog and previous photoshoots, they decided to try it out for themselves. I’m always thrilled when my photos provide inspiration for others! I always tell couples adventure shoots are such a great date idea. Aside from being a total blast and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you get to leave with amazing photos! 

Like most couples, Shahnaz and Gowan weren’t exactly sure where to do their photoshoot.  They knew they wanted to do it in the snow. I loved that idea because of the contrast with the black dress and bright white snow. Having done photo shoots all over the west coast, I helped with location scouting by giving them a list of potential places, mostly in the Lake Tahoe region, since that was my initial reaction after hearing about their snow preference. We talked more about their location wish list, and we finally settled on Hope Valley.

Shahnaz and Gowan danced, cuddled, and played in the snow. After the session, instead of being tired from a long day, they told me they felt rejuvenated.  They talked about how it was like reliving their early years of dating. That made me SO happy! That’s exactly my goal for these shoots—to make you feel comfortable and help remind you all those loving feelings. 

If you’re at all nervous about doing an adventure shoot with your partner, I hope this story makes you feel more comfortable, excited and ready to book it. I can’t recommend it enough for all couples—trust me, you won’t regret it!

Are you looking for an adventurous photographer who will capture your unique love story? If yes, then we should chat! Feel free to contact me here and I’ll be in touch!

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