Redding Adventure Session at Whiskeytown

Couple embraces during their sunrise elopement in Redding, California. Liz Koston Photography.

I know most of you have probably never heard of Redding, California before. And if you had, you have because of Burney Falls and the Sundial Bridge. Besides that, there isn’t much that Redding is known for. But I am here to show you why Whiskeytown was the perfect place for my photoshoot with Kristine and Micah for their first time being photographed as a couple.

Ever have one of those days where it seems like everything is going wrong but somehow it all ends up working out in the end? That’s exactly what happened the day of Kristine & Micah’s Redding sunrise elopement styled session, and I think the photos turned out even better than they would have, had we stuck to the original plan. It was just magical!

About the Couple

First, let me tell you a little about this adorable couple—Micah is from Wyoming and Kristine is from Louisiana, but they both ended up meeting here in Redding for ministry school. Micah is now applying to medical schools, so they’re planning on moving again in the near future. I really wanted this photoshoot to capture this moment in their lives so they could always look back and remember the beauty of Redding—the physical beauty of the water and mountains, and also this beautiful time in their lives, beginning this journey together.

Our Photoshoot

There was a lot of back and forth on the location of this photoshoot, but we eventually settled on Whiskeytown, meeting at Brandy Creek Beach. It was actually just the night before the session when we finally decided on a location. The next morning, I woke up at 2:00 in the morning so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep! Shortly after, I got started on my two-hour drive towards Whiskeytown.

It’s now 5 AM, I finally get there and… the beach is CLOSED! Usually gates open at sunrise, but this location wouldn’t be opening for a few more hours. Luckily, I had spotted a picturesque outlook on the drive up that would make for a good back-up plan. I was nervous about the last-minute change and the possibility of missing the sunrise, but Kristine and Micah didn’t miss a beat. We drove back about five minutes down the road and pulled over to our new impromptu photoshoot location.

This cove was quiet, intimate, and sweet—really the perfect little spot. And the timing was impeccable too! When we arrived, the sun was still below the mountains and was just starting to peek through the hills as I began to photograph. There was a slight breeze blowing the right direction for perfectly flowing hair. Everything was falling into place.

Kristine and Micah were such a joy to photograph. Like most couples, they weren’t totally sure if they were posing the right way or doing the right thing, but they were absolutely perfect! Just being their cuddly, sweet authentic selves enjoying the moment and the beauty of the scenery. You could truly sense the love these two have for one another.

I look back on this day with so much gratitude for being able to do what I love. This is what I live for as a photographer, and this is why I love what I do. Wishing Kristine and Micah all the best in their next adventure!

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  1. A perfect example of why Plan B’s are so important lol! I love when Plan B winds up being possibly better than Plan A, and it shows in these images! Such a beautiful sunrise you captured, and at a perfect location 🙂

    1. OMG!!! Yes! I couldn’t agree more! It’s like sometimes things happen for a reason! Definitely always good to be prepared and having a plan B, but I am not even mad how everything played out. Cus plan B was just perfect!

  2. wow these colors are gorgeous!!! the blue lake alongside the warm orange glow of the sun on the tree line backdrop…. this Redding Adventure Session at Whiskeytown, California is stunning! what a gorgeous spot for photos!

    1. Thank you! It was really perfection! I love sunrise for the magical lighting and usually is more intimate since most people do not want to be out and about this early in the morning! So we had the WHOLE place to ourselves.

  3. these are so lovely, you really captured that warm sunlight so well. and they look like they’re just enjoying every minute of this shoot.

  4. You did such an amazing job capturing this beautiful time in their lives! Such a cute story and now they have amazing photos to remember it by!

    1. Thanks Laura! I absolutely love their story! They are seriously the cutest and I am so honored to be able to photograph them!

  5. You’re so right, I think these photos are going to be so important to them down the road. They’ve already had quite the journey together, but it’s truly just beginning with Micah starting medical school soon. I feel like it’s those in-between life stages that are easiest to forget, but bring the most joy when you find memories of them later on.

    There’s nothing like deciding on the location last minute to really energize things, huh? I’ve heard of Redding, but never heard of Whiskeytown, it looks beautiful! Thanks for including that link! How you were able to quickly improvise with the gate being closed (and probably while it’s still dark out) is super impressive and shows what a great photographer you are. That little cove you found is perfect and stunning and off the beaten path. I love this collection <3

    1. OMG! Raelin! Your comment seriously gave me chills! It’s so true! Just like how I love capturing in-between moments, it’s so true with in-between stages of life too! Such wise words!

      Yes! Redding definitely is a hidden gem and has lots of beauty to offer. If you’re ever in the area, it’s definitely worth exploring!

  6. I loved how you told their story-with both the pictures and your words! Such a gorgeous location, I am glad that it all came together so well!

  7. OMG, is this real life?!? Such a beautiful location, I totally want my photos taken there! Incredible. And, hello– The photographs are out of this world gorgeous. You are truly talented.

    1. Oh goosh! Thank you! This location really was perfect for their sunrise! I love little off the beaten path spots. Gives it a much more intimate and personal experience for the couple.

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