Rodeo Beach Engagement Photoshoot at Sunset

I had the pleasure of shooting Olivia and James’ engagement photos back in June at Rodeo Beach.  It’s by far my favorite beach in Northern California.  Located in the Marin Headlands, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ve got these amazing cliffs surrounding the rocky inlet, and the beach is laid with unique pebbles adding hints of color—it makes for truly incredible photography.  Note though, that reception is a bit dicey there, which is great if you want to unplug!  If you are trying to coordinate and meet up, make sure to plan accordingly and have a clear meeting spot.

James said his dream location would be somewhere with fields of grass and a view of the ocean when we were brainstorming where to do their engagement session.   He chuckled a bit when he said it, thinking, ha!  There’s nowhere that offers that!   Little did he know, I knew just the place!  Rodeo Beach is one of those rare settings with gorgeous fields right alongside waterfront views.  You can get a variety of photos in one location, satisfying beach and woodland lovers alike. It’s also a dog friendly area which is a huge plus for dog lovers like James and Olivia. Which we had originally planned to include in their photoshoot.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to bring their pup to the photoshoot.  We did run into a cute chocolate lab though.

We started out by doing a nice simple hike in the late afternoon.  I would call it more of a little stroll.  I love getting to know my couples.  The hike gave us plenty of time to get to know each other.  This helps the couple warm up and be themselves when we start taking photos.  Olivia has this infectious smile and such a great dry sense of humor, and you could totally see how much James adores her. It was so sweet to see them interact with one another—they couldn’t wait to kiss for the photos before I even finished my sentence!  It was just the most adorable thing!

The day of the shoot was a little cloudy as it tends to be by the bay, but, in my opinion, gives an extra intimate and romantic vibe.  Multifaceted photos with a certain vibe.  Right at sunset though, the clouds and fog cleared up some and the sun peeked out.  It’s absolutely perfect when you’re able to capture the sun just peeking through the clouds and creating this striking beam of light. A biker that was passing through told us we got the only bit of sun that day from here to the north shore, so we felt really lucky!

I left that day feeling so happy to have met Olivia and James and excited to see them again on their wedding day!


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Love the variety and all these awesome photos!! This whole area is so good and makes such a beautiful backdrop!!

Thanks Will! This area truly is beautiful!

So cool that you had the space all to yourself! It looks like a magical time there. WORTH IT.

Ahhh this makes me miss the coast so much!

Woww what a beautiful location!! The couple looks like they are having so much fun and had an amazing day together! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

Thank you Amber. It really is one of my favorite hidden gems. They had such a great time playing and connecting with one another. I love it!

Such a pretty engagement session! Sweet moments captured.

Thank you Naomi! I had a blast capturing their moments.

These are all beautiful captures!!! You did an awesome job documenting this adorable couple <3

Thanks Heather! I loved capturing them and taking them on an adventure!

Oh my goodness I am obsessed with this. The low hanging fog, and the epic coastline, ahhhh it’s all just so magical. This is a dream location.

Thanks Carissa! This is one of my favorite spots on the coastline. Fog is definitely a fave of mine!

You can practically feel the water in these pics! Really puts the viewer in the space. Beautiful engagement