Snoqualmie Falls Elopement in the Fall

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Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of the many beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest that has the most amazing views and is pretty accessible.  The U.S. Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite areas in the entire world. Washington is absolutely one of the most beautiful states. And Snoqualmie Falls, located east of Seattle, is one of Washington’s most popular scenic attractions, so you know it’s stunning! 

Snoqualmie Falls is a breathtaking 268-foot waterfall on the Snoqualmie River. Sometimes the river’s water level gets high enough to flow across the entire cliff and the falls take on an impressive curtain form. This condition known as high water typically occurs during the rainy season which lasts from November through March in Washington. 

Since we did the shoot in Mid-October, the access to the bottom of the fall was not accessible.  Plus, the road to it was under construction. But because the water was high, there was a steady stream and we were still able to photograph there surrounded by vibrant fall colors and a striking backdrop.

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Elopement Inspiration

I met up with Jen and Jeremy in the parking lot for Snoqualmie Falls so we could walk down the trails together to get to the river.  As I mentioned, the way to the Falls viewing was closed and the water was too high to get the base, so we went by the beach and river.  

The trail was quick and easy. It’s amazing how much variety there is in scenery in one local area. There’s still so much to see! And it’s very accessible too.  To get down to the water though, we did have to climb down through some rocks, but I would still say it’s suitable for novice hikers.

I want to give a special shout out to Jen and Jeremy– these two were so much fun!  They are adventurous and were absolutely down for whatever.  Their fun sense of humor made the whole day full of laughter and jokes galore!  Seriously, these two are the kindest souls and are just perfect for each other.  They balance out each other so much and just keep each other constantly laughing.

Jen and Jeremy were willing to climb on some large boulders as you can see in the photos.  It was so great capturing their quiet moments and being surrounded by the sound of water and the beautiful scenery.  


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couple holding hands, looking at. each other and running towards the camera at a lakefront private property in Washington State.

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  1. So well done! They are so brave for getting up on those big rocks in the river. I love the angles you captured. It would be so hard manouvering to get some of those shots with uneven footing. Love it!

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