Summer Engagement Session at Lake Tahoe Beach

Woodsy engagement photoshoot. Skyline trail in South Lake Tahoe.


For Eileen and Will’s engagement session, we went back to the exact spot where they got engaged in Lake Tahoe, the same spot they had visited years before. About 5 years ago when they first started dating, they hiked Lake of the Skytrail together, and Will remembered that as the moment he knew for sure Eileen was the one for him. From that moment, he knew he’d eventually want to propose at that same spot.   We then continued on the trail and finished our trip on the the Lake Tahoe beach.  The day was kind of cloudy and it even drizzle on us a bit, but then the sun peeked out right at the end and we caught an epic sunset. How awesome is that!?

When Will took Eileen back to Tahoe to propose, Eileen had a suspicion something was up. She had even called her best friend to tell her, but she had already known it was happening. So she was trying to throw Eileen off, telling her not to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen this time, that it will happen eventually…

The trip to get to Lake Tahoe was long and difficult. They had to stop a few times and had their dog with them which made travelling a little more complicated. But eventually they arrived at Taylor Creek Visitor Center just before dark, making their way to the dock that held special meaning for the couple. And that’s where Will popped the question, answered by a resounding YES! 

The day of Will and Eileen’s engagement session was super-hot—90 degrees—and not a cloud in the sky. As we got closer to Lake Tahoe though, it started drizzling a bit. That didn’t bother this optimistic couple though. Eileen thought the photos would come out better if it’s a little messy with some rain and wind, and I agreed. The photos come out better and more natural this way. Luckily, we did end up catching a little bit of sunshine by the time we got to the beach. ☺

Both Eileen and Will are really shy, so they were nervous that they would be stiff in the photos. Eileen was even thinking about doing shots of vodka before the shoot to ease the nerves! So I gave them my whole spiel to just try to enjoy each other’s company and not worry about the photos, and then it will just become natural and more comfortable. 

From the moment they looked at each other and hugged, the nerves went away. They both felt natural and good about it and had fun in the end. Their sweet, snuggly personalities came out, and that’s what we were able to capture that day. Just them being their authentic selves. Some of my sessions are more active—running around, kicking sand on the beach… but this session matched perfectly to the easygoing vibes of the couple. Simple, beautiful moments of quiet, holding and embracing… and the photos are breathtaking! 

One of my favorite moments of the session was when we went back to the dock where Will proposed. I had them look at each other, and I asked Eileen when she knew Will was the one. She answered, “right when I met him, I knew right away.” Even before they had gotten introduced, when she first laid eyes on him, it was love at first sight. They are just too cute for words!

Their wedding is only a few months away, but with Covid, things are up in the air right now. It’s supposed to be held at a winery, and events are still happening there as of right now, so they are staying optimistic. At the end of the day, they are still going to get married, even if they have to cut the guest list or make other adjustments. I’m just so excited for them and wish them all the best!

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