Kirsten and Jordan’s Helwig Winery Wedding

Helwig Winery Wedding photos by Liz Koston Photography.

Kirsten and Jordan’s wedding at Helwig Winery was such a perfect event. They initially had some concerns about the wind, but none of that stopped the wedding from being absolutely beautiful. The sun and the cotton candy clouds made for a gorgeous sunset. We explored the whole venue to find some seriously amazing scenery for the photos.

From the mountains to the vineyards, the Winery offered such a great setting for Kirsten and Jordan’s wedding. They love the mountains and hiking, and they’re such sweet and beautiful people, so their beautiful venue turned out to be the perfect match.

The Happy Couple

Kirsten absolutely exudes happiness, and you can’t be around her for long without finding yourself wanting to smile. She’s one of the kindest, gentlest, and most caring person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her smile and her laughter are contagious.

Jordan’s thoughtfulness is the perfect compliment to Kirsten’s positive energy. You can tell just from the way he looks at her that he would do anything for her. I had so much fun seeing them together and with their whole families, having the time of their lives.

Together, they make such a kind and fun couple. I’m constantly blown away by their generosity, and I had such a blast watching these amazing people at their wedding.

Written in the Stars

I met Jordan and Kirsten for the first time at Megan and Logan’s wedding, where Jordan was a groomsman! So I saw lots of familiar faces this time around. And of course, Logan was in the bridal party at this wedding also.

Even the start of Kirsten and Jordan’s relationship was sort of a happy coincidence. They first met each other at a brew fest in Tahoe, where Kirsten was celebrating her 30th birthday. Jordan approached Kirsten and her friends and asked if anybody would dance with him. So naturally, all of her friends encouraged Kirsten to go.

Jordan turned out to be a pretty serious dancer, and he was turning and flipping Kirsten around before they even learned each others’ names. At the end of the day, her friends insisted that they couldn’t leave the event until she got this guy’s number.

She did, and it turned out that even though they were in Tahoe for the brew fest, they were both from Sacramento. The rest is history!

Jordan proposed at Helwig, which is why they also chose the venue for their wedding, and the whole thing couldn’t have been more adorable and sweet. You could tell how close their families are, and everything just felt like it made sense. I had such a wonderful time watching and photographing this beautiful couple at their amazing wedding.

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Venue:  Helwig Winery

Videographer:  Everlasting Motion Pictures

Dress:  Bride to Be Couture

Hair and Makeup:  Ashley Benander

Suit:  Men’s Wearhouse

Florist:  The Wild Olive Florist

Caterer:  Off the Vines Catering

Dessert:  Pretty Sweet Dessert

DJ:  Beat Fleet DJs

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