Taylor + Jordan Engagement Session – Sacramento, California Photographer

Meet Taylor and Jordan.  Taylor is a coconut.  Hard exterior, but really soft on the inside.  Taylor likes to say her favorite color is black like her soul.  Jordan is an open book.  What you see, is what you get.  He is sweet, affectionate and is vibrant.  Together, they balance each other out.

When Taylor heard that I was going to hold my holiday minis at a Christmas tree farm last year, she told Jordan how much she wanted to do a photoshoot there.  Being the amazing boyfriend that Jordan is, he  proposed sooner than planned so that Taylor could have her wish.  But as you will see, this is not an engagement session at the Christmas tree farm.  If you ask Taylor, she will tell you that it’s all my fault and that I convinced her otherwise.

I asked her to tell me about Jordan and her relationship and how they met.  She told me that they often like to walk down to the coffee shop near their place.  Which happens to also be the same place where they had their first date.  I mean!  How perfect is that?!?!  So we hatched a plan!  We started off at their apartment.  We then made our way down to Old Soul.  Along the way, they showed me their favorite house and we found one of those little free libraries.  Despite Taylor’s poor attempt of resisting Jordan’s adorableness, they got all sweet and lovey-dovey in front of the camera.  Once we got to Old Soul, we enjoyed some coffee and eventually made our way back to their apartment.

I had a blast with these two and can’t wait for their wedding next year!  Spoiler alert, I plan to eat a lot of tacos at their wedding!