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Engagement photoshoot with Yosemite photographer Liz Koston

Booking a Photographer at Yosemite

Life as an adventure photographer has taken me to many beautiful places: Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rainer, Arches…I could go on forever! But what makes these experiences so amazing is that I don’t do it alone. I get to share it all with couples like you, and help you capture once-in-a-lifetime memories in one-of-a-kind locations. But sometimes the sessions we plan are of an unexpected nature, and that was definitely the case with Trang and Travis’s Yosemite adventure session! 

Generally the couples I work with want to book a photography session when they’re getting engaged or married, but it’s less common that couples book a photographer to celebrate other milestones afterward. And I don’t know why! There’s really never a wrong time to take photos with your significant other. You don’t have to be getting married or engaged to plan a photo session, there are many other moments that deserve to be memorialized, too, including anniversaries!

I’ve seen firsthand how booking milestone sessions can bring you and your partner together in a special way while giving you images to treasure. So many couples have told me how unexpectedly fun their sessions were and how it made them feel closer and more in love than ever! This is especially true of anniversary sessions, as we commemorate your years together and how much your love has grown since “I do.” But nothing beats an anniversary session under the wide open sky with a couple I’ve known since the very beginnings of their relationship. Nothing beats a session like my Yosemite adventure session with Trang and Travis!

Why A Yosemite Adventure Session?

While their love story is beautiful, their journey lately hasn’t been an easy one. Travis was diagnosed with a condition that causes loss of mobility. So, as movement is likely to become a bit more difficult in the future, they wanted to plan a more adventurous session now. 

Travis and his family have always loved adventurous getaways. He grew up going to Yosemite with his family all the time, and when he met Trang, she happily joined in. They’ve hiked Half Dome together, and they have so many more special memories and shared experiences there. For them, it’s a truly magical place. So, with the decline of Travis’s movement approaching, along with their 8th wedding anniversary, we all knew exactly what to do!

About the Shoot

A few days before Travis and Trang’s big wedding anniversary, we traveled into Yosemite for their session. They left the kids at home with their grandparents and made a full date day out of it. 

We got there right as the sun was setting, and the air was crisp and cool. We hiked Sentinel Loop— a relatively easy, 2-mile road-hike—and from there, we just explored the meadows together, taking photos as we went! What I love most about being a Yosemite photographer is celebrating such a breathtaking display of nature. Just as we got there, we spotted a massive buck, and unsurprisingly, the views were absolutely stunning. From our trail, we took in perfect views of Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Clouds Rest, Yosemite Creek, and bridges. 

It was such a sweet, emotional day filled with so many special little moments and memories. Seeing Travis and Trang frolicking around and playing in the water made my heart burst with happiness. Trang’s smile is so contagious—when she smiles, her whole face lights up. They were young and in love all over again, and it just brought out all the feels!

After the shoot, Trang and Travis had pizza at the deck, and they told me that, even after more than eight years in love, this was the best date ever. They said the experience transported them back in time to the early stages of their love story and made them feel those first-date butterflies all over again. There was also this palpable calmness over the two of them. I felt so much joy just knowing how truly happy this day made them.

I’m forever grateful that I could organize and document this special day in Yosemite for them. And with the journey they’ve traveled to be here in mind, I will always hold this photoshoot dear to my heart. I’ve known Trang since college, and seeing how she’s grown—how she and Travis have grown together—melts my heart. 

If you’re hoping to plan a Yosemite adventure session of your own, I’d love to talk you! Simply send a short inquiry my way, and we can begin planning your adventure!

View of Yosemite Valley taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston Couple gaze lovingly at each other in front of a gorgeous view of Yosemite Valley during their Yosemite engagement photoshoot Couple embraces while looking at each other in front of a Yosemite Valley viewpoint Couple sits in front of Yosemite Valley overlook during their Yosemite couples photoshoot Two black and white images of a couple during their Yosemite Valley couples photoshoot. Man hugs woman from behind and kisses forehead during their adventure photoshoot in Yosemite National Park Couple stands facing each other and smiling during their Yosemite National Park photoshoot Two black and white images of couple holding hands walking down a path in Yosemite National Park Grand image of a couple standing in a field with the granite Yosemite rocks in the background taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston two images of a couple walking through Yosemite and smiling at each other taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston Couple walks smiling down a path in Yosemite Valley during their Yosemite couples photoshoot Black and white close up image the couple holding hands taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston Couple sits on a log while man hugs her from behind and they laugh during their Yosemite adventure photoshoot two images of couple gazing at the Yosemite landscape during their Yosemite couples photoshoot. Up close image of two hands holding with a view of Yosemite in the distance taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston. black and white image of couple smiling and holding hands with Yosemite in the background Couple smiling and holding hands on their couples engagement photoshoot in Yosemite National Park Couple holds hands and gazes at the peaks in Yosemite National Park Man twirls wife in Yosemite on their adventurous couples photoshoot Couple walks arm in arm down a path in Yosemite National Park. Liz Koston Photography. Couple walks arm in arm down a path in Yosemite National Park. Liz Koston Photography. two images of couple walking down a path in Yosemite National Park on their Yosemite engagement photoshoot Couple kisses while in an embrace with Yosemite National Park in the distance. couple sits on steps surrounded by tall trees in Yosemite National Park Couple nuzzles together during their Yosemite photoshoot. Photo taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston Couple walks on the banks of a sandy beach near a lake and under Yosemite's peaks during their couples photoshoot in Yosemite National Park. Two images of a cute couple standing together beside a lake in Yosemite National Park. Couple kisses near a small lake underneath the tall Yosemite peaks. Photo taken by Yosemite photographer Liz Koston.

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